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It’s very easy to write an About page – that is, it’s easy to use phrases like ‘passionate about helping you’ and ‘committed to excellent customer service.’ And is there anyone who won’t ‘go the extra mile?’


The simple truth is, you don’t know if someone really is committed to excellent customer service until you’ve signed the contract. It’s only when your lift breaks down on a bank holiday weekend that you really do find out if someone will go the extra mile.


So rather than produce a strong of well worn clichés, here are some simple examples from the Appledorn scrapbook. Hopefully they show that we’re professional, we know what we’re talking about and that yes, we do care.


Japanese Knotweed

A client was poised to put pen to paper and spend over £5m on a residential home. He called us in to carry out an asset appraisal. Before we even walked into the property we told him to be cautious because we’d spotted Japanese Knotweed on the adjoining property. In negotiation, our client was able to protect his interest before the acquisition went through.


Raising the Roof

A client of ours has a home which is a Grade II listed building. Unfortunately, the roof needed replacing. Logistically, this was a nightmare. It looked like he’d need extra staff while the re-roofing was being done – several of his residents were confused and would need 1:1 care while the work was carried out.


He decided to let us take care of everything. We worked with the specialist roofing company to minimise disruption and plan the work around the residents’ needs. No extra staff were required and none of the residents were upset.


The £1,000 Call Out Charge

We took a call on a bank holiday Friday. The boiler at one of our client’s homes had broken down, meaning he’d have no hot water over the weekend. At the time he arranged his own emergency work and the contractor he’d spoken to had just demanded £1,000 for the call out. Half an hour later we’d found him an alternative – and the call out fee & repairs was £150. Now we handle all his planned and emergency repairs – and we vet all the tradesmen in advance so there’ll never be another £1,000 call out charge.


Dementia Design

One of our clients wanted to open a home specifically for patients with dementia. We worked with her to make sure that the design of the home – right down to the light switches and the door handles – was right for the very challenging residents she’d be looking after. Dementia design is a highly specialised area, and if the smallest detail is wrong it can lead to real problems. Fortunately we made sure that all the details – even the smallest – were exactly right.

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If you’re running a home you’ve plenty to worry about – your residents, the state of their health, the staff you need to care for them properly, the legislation you need to comply with, and the relatives who are always on the phone…

But there are some things you don’t need to worry about, because you can leave them to us:

  • The repairs and renovations that your home needs right now
  • Planned repairs, renovation and maintenance that will need doing in the future
  • Making sure that the work you do ticks all the right legislative boxes

I’d worked with Howard on my previous care home, so when I decided to develop a new one I didn’t have any hesitation in asking for his advice. The home is planned to open on time and within budget – I couldn’t ask for any more than that.

Tony Grey – Maple Court Care Home

Appledorn have worked for us for some time now. We are very impressed with their knowledge of the Care Sector and they always demonstrate a professional approach when managing our portfolio. We have always found Appledorn to be flexible in meeting our changing needs and thorough in the projects they work on. We hope to work with them for a long time to come.

Andrew Stow – HICA