Planned Maintenance

We’ll work with you to devise a schedule of planned maintenance and renovation work for your home, and we’ll oversee all the work for you. Work always needs doing – to keep the home up to standard and to meet ever-changing legislation – but we know that it needs to be done within your cash flow as well. We’re professional, experienced and a 100% reliable: we’ll make sure your planned maintenance is planned properly.

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If you’re running a home you’ve plenty to worry about – your residents, the state of their health, the staff you need to care for them properly, the legislation you need to comply with, and the relatives who are always on the phone…

But there are some things you don’t need to worry about, because you can leave them to us:

  • The repairs and renovations that your home needs right now
  • Planned repairs, renovation and maintenance that will need doing in the future
  • Making sure that the work you do ticks all the right legislative boxes

Appledorn have worked for us for some time now. We are very impressed with their knowledge of the Care Sector and they always demonstrate a professional approach when managing our portfolio. We have always found Appledorn to be flexible in meeting our changing needs and thorough in the projects they work on. We hope to work with them for a long time to come.

Andrew Stow – HICA

We have been working with Howard and his team for about five years, with a simple agreement that Appledorn manage our facilities so we can focus on our service users. Appledorn participate in our annual planning process and act as an integral part of our team. Howard has consistently demonstrated value through cost savings, unique ideas and managing buildings. Having Howard on my team provides me with confidence and certainty….

Eddie Coombes – Optimacare